Y'all are not ready....

This shoot is probably my most "dreamy" shoot to date! We have so many enchanted and beautiful vibes going on here. The universe BLESSED us with this particular golden hour.

Im just going to say... I have the best looking clients. Is that okay to say? Whatever... I said it. Can you blame me?! LOOK at this couple!

More importantly than that...I have the kindest clients. Jose is a first responder so he and Alyssa haven't seen much of each other. Even when they are home together they have been spending a lot of time apart due to COVID-19. They are already amazing parents doing everything they can to keep their baby girl safe! Yes! Its a GIRL! How exciting?!

I was so happy to provide some safe outdoor bonding time for them and they made the most of it!"My favorite part of the shoot was being able to take funny shots with my husband"! Their love for each other is so apparent. I asked Alyssa what qualities she hopes her baby girl gets from her and her husband and her answer was "Daddy’s sense of adventure and Mommy’s intuition ".

This was also a super fun shoot since Alyssa is the big sister of one of my favorite people, Sam. Sam came along on this shoot to be the hype girl for her sister, brother- in -law and future niece. Since she was there looking all cute...I had to get her in some pics with her big sis and future niece and let me tell you those pictures gave me the feels! Can you tell I'm emotional about this whole shoot? Are my feelings showing?