This movie choice was a no brainer for me...

I grew up with my family quoting this regularly so I feel like it is part of my DNA at this point.

My family walked around my entire wedding day saying "Mawige" and "Wuv two luv". If Im not mistaken I am pretty sure I got my Dad cuff links that said that exact quote? I think?

The Princess Bride has such a classic feel to it. I really wanted to capture that and luckily I had Alexis and Dan to help me pull this off! I went to college with Alexis so I knew she had the acting chops to take on Princess Buttercup without batting an eye. And although I did not know this prior to shooting...Dan is VERY committed to Halloween and the art of the costume, so, I was in really good company.

Look how sweet these loves are! I couldn't have asked for any better!