Running a business is HARD....

Especially when you run a business in a very saturated market. There is so much TALENT here on Long Island that it feels so hard to keep up. Can I tell you a secret....

"Comparison is the thief of joy". It's just the truth. Photographers are artists and guess what? Art is subjective! No one sees the world the way you do...and that is why every photographer is different. They have a different set of eyes and their own unique voice! My point is...I am not into competition. I truly believe there is room for everyone at the top and it is our job to give others a boost.

That is why I love my friend Courtney.

She is a beautiful photographer that truly cheers me on. Her work is beautiful and we are not afraid to support each other! We have each others backs. That is why I was so completely excited when she asked me to shoot branding photos for her! I mean first of all... LOOK at her! Isn't she gorgeous?! She makes my job easy and she is fearless which is a photographers dream. She totally went with my ideas and we feel like they paid off big time! I'll let her tell you a little bit about it:

"I love the photos where Katie said "how far are you willing to go into the water?" and we went for it. I had people watching us but I didn't care, we were having the best time and the results show how much fun we had. Katie is the ULTIMATE hype girl! There is never a moment in time where you don't feel as though you are the focus, even when posing and taking direction, Katie was cheering me on. I am in LOVE. I have a variety of images to work with that can range from branding for my business as well as some lifestyle photos of myself, that my family and boyfriend can't get enough of. "

Moral of the story... art is subjective, your unique-ness is your asset, support each other, be fearless, and have fun!