COVID 19...

Hit all of us like a ton of bricks. Instant quarantine, fear, and loss of life as we knew it. I know I was super stressed about how to occupy my soon to be one year old when we couldn't go anywhere or see anyone.

Then I thought about my business. How could I ever move forward in growing my business when I could no longer see anyone in person?! How was I supposed to take pictures of anyone? I felt so defeated and bummed out. After about a month of quarantine I could not handle sitting at home doing nothing. I missed being able to create. That's the thing about artists...they need to create...or they explode (true story).

I then stumbled across Teri Hofford's Instagram and saw that she was offering FaceTime photo sessions! If you don't know who Terri Hofford is, she is a BADASS boudoir photographer who specializes in body acceptance and body positivity. She is awesome. After looking at that I thought I could morph what she is doing for my clients. Take the FaceTime idea and shoot lifestyle! So that is what I did!

(Fellow Photographers: I know it's easy to get hung up on the quality of these photos but trust me when I say embrace the grain and go for it! Of course these are not "camera quality" but they are a cool, innovative, and safe way to make memories for your clients!)

I had no idea this idea would end up being as well- received as it is. My DMs and emails were packed with requests and I was so grateful. I got to expand my reach nation- wide. All I needed was an internet connection and I was able to shoot all over. I virtually went to Boston, Connecticut, Tennessee, New Jersey, and so many more places! I felt like I had a front row seat to everyone's new normal. Also, I was able to help document the big things that weren't celebrated because of quarantine. I photographed milestone birthdays, gender reveals, maternity photos, graduations, and everything in between. These FaceTime Sessions brought me so much joy in such a weird, scary time.