Can you EVEN?!

I have been so so SO excited to share this shoot! After recruiting so many amazing couples...I was feeling the need to throw some girl power in the mix. I am one of three girls so I am always down to celebrate the ladies! What better way than some 90's nostalgia vibes?!

Okay Im going to shut my mouth and let my ladies tell you all about our shoot!

Gabby (Cher):

"I had such a fun evening! Every time I shoot with Katie, I forget about all the things that bothered me earlier that day, and I get caught up in the positive energy. This experience felt ultra special because I got to shoot among friends and recreate pieces of film that I grew up loving. It was so funny to hear people walk bye and say, “oh my God, CLUELESS!” I was smiling the entire time! I wish I could do a photoshoot like this every day!"

Sam (Tai):

"This is was such a fun experience!! Shooting with Katie is always a cathartic experience and this was no different! Being an actor during this pandemic it’s been really tough not being able to express myself. Being able to take on a character in even the smallest way with my friends felt like a much needed get away and I’ll always be so thankful to Katie for that."

Steffy (Dionne):

"My friend Gabby Farah asked me to do this with her! I'm a theatre performer as well as a party entertainer with Royal Princess Prep Company. Pics are always being taken so this was so much fun! It's always nice to get out of the house to play dress up :)"