Ever "click" with someone instantly?

Well for me that person was Gabby! Gabby and I always ran in similar circles but never got the chance to talk one on one. Thanks to the pandemic, we were able to shoot via FaceTime for her 30th birthday and the rest is history! We clicked instantly and found that we had so much in common. We spoke a lot about spirituality and our trust in the universe. I was so beyond excited to hear all about her reiki experience and her passion for spiritual wellness. Gabby just launched her own business where she specializes in reiki, meditation, and tarot readings! During her website development she asked me to shoot some content for her website! And here are the results!

Gabby had such a beautiful and specific vision for this shoot and I was ALL about it! We went for a very etherial vibe and I knew Prosser Pines would be the PERFECT location! We even stuck around after golden hour and sunset to get some moody blue hour shots which I am completely obsessed with.

I'll let Gabby tell you about the shoot herself...

"When I first met Katie during a FaceTime shoot, we COULD NOT stop talking and giggling, as if we had been friends for YEARS! I knew immediately I wanted to book with Katie again, to do a branding shoot for my new business as a Reiki healer. Katie completely understood what I was looking for in my branding shoot. I told her, “I want to look like I’m not from this earth.” And she said, “I got it.” And that was it! I have a lot of difficulty picking out locations for shoots, but Katie knew Prosser Pines would be the perfect environment and vibe that I was looking for. When we stepped into the park, I became giddy with excitement! Here I was, doing a branding shoot for my business as a Reiki healer, but this shoot was actually very therapeutic and healing for me! I had been feeling a little blue a few days leading up to my photoshoot, and Katie’s warmth, kindness, and joy put me back in touch with my higher self and self-confidence. I went home that night with a happy heart, and an excitement knowing the photos were going to be better than I imagined. "

You can check out Gabby and her newly launched website at wellwithinmysoul.com !