I have to be honest.....

I have been dragging my feet about writing this blog post. I am a photographer. I very much prefer being behind the camera, not in front of it. I think having a background in theater has made it hard for me to look at myself without being incredibly critical. Also, Im a woman so....you know how that goes. Being in front of any camera is always daunting no matter who you are because it captures your vulnerability, emotions, and personal moments. I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Being the subject of a photo inevitably makes those thousand words about you.

Why do I bring all of this up? For you!

I want you to know I understand. I understand that it's hard to get in front of the camera. I understand it takes SO much time to pick out the right outfit that is equal parts cute, effortless, trendy, and timeless. I understand you obsessively watched a makeup tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes and somehow the lash got stuck to your eyebrow instead of your eyelid. I understand that after all of this you STILL had to get your kids and partner ready all while reminding yourself you're a beautiful goddess. It is HARD!

The good news? I got you.

Guess what? You ARE a beautiful goddess and I'm going to show you that. Trust your photographer!

You may be thinking "If this is such an emotional and physical hassle...why do it?!". Memories! I don't want you to forget that pictures are how we capture life in this current moment. The here and now is all we have. It's all we're guaranteed and just as soon as it's here, it's gone...and you're going to want to remember it.

Okay, time to put my money where my mouth is. Here are some images from my shoot with the lovely fellow mama, Nicole Caradonna. She's wonderful and did a great job capturing the vibe I was going for! I felt that I needed a branding shoot so that I had content for my website, Facebook, and Instagram so I bit the bullet and did it! It was dare I say...fun! Can you believe it? All that prep and anxiety for nothing!

It is not about perfection. Perfection is boring. Am I fighting my impulse to apologize for my double chin, my uncooperative quarantine hair, and my new mom bod? OF COURSE! But guess what? I bet you didn't notice any of that. Instead you saw me. You saw my smile, my silliness, and my love for bright colors and happy vibes. Right? One day I will look back on this shoot fondly and think "Wow this is from when I first started my own business. I was so happy and excited!"

Moral of the story: Take a deep breath, know that this moment in life is a gift, and get in front of that camera!