My friends are incredibly supportive....

Ever since I started my own business, I have been endlessly grateful for my friends who have don't nothing but support and encourage me. Not once has a friend of mine said " are you sure this is what you want to do"? So take it from me and surround yourself with the best of the best!

My friends are SO supportive that they even volunteer to model fro me when the the thought of a camera makes them very nervous....

I have so much to say about this Captain America inspired shoot but my friend Jen (aka Peggy Carter) said it better than I ever could. Heres her take on the whole experience:

"Quarantine was obviously challenging, and we cancelled a lot of plans including trips, concerts, and reunions. After a while, like everyone else I'm sure, we felt like we had nothing to look forward to. We started to try to do things that were a break from our routines, and when this came up, one of us pushed the other to do it (which took some coaxing with a few whiskeys). We trust Katie and knew she wouldn't let us fall. She was super on board and made us both feel very excited for the experience.

Additionally, Captain America and Peggy Carter hold a special place in our relationship. Matt, a history teacher, has an affinity for the patriotic World War 2 hero. He tries to emulate Steve Rogers' loyalty, protectiveness, and overall goodness in his daily life and in our relationship. When we started dating, Matt introduced me to Peggy Carter and I really admired her quick wit, resourcefulness, and intelligence. I remind myself of her quote "No, you move" whenever I'm faced with adversity. When it comes to the two as a couple, Steve and Peggy just want to be together against all odds, and that is something we can relate to.

Katie made us feel so comfortable. She arranged for me to get hair and make up done because she knew how self conscious I was about getting in front of the camera. Additionally, she helped me find outfits and overall was enthusiastic and supportive from the moment we agreed until the shoot was over. Katie was great day of and kept reminding us to breathe. We quickly relaxed and really forgot that she was there. There were moments we caught ourselves talking to each other and forgetting she was shooting.

We shot in front of a house that resembled the house Steve and Peggy are dancing in at the end of End Game, a scene we both teared up at in theaters because they finally got their happy ending they deserved. Throughout the shoot, I think we both heard the other humming or singing It's Been a Long, Long Time. Katie cheered us on, made us feel confident, and overall gave us a really great morning. "