Welcome to my Blog!

I was completely unsure if I had what it takes to blog, but here I am giving it a shot! I am so excited to feature different shoots, behind the scenes, tips and tricks, and my crazy life! I figured what better to feature as my first post than my son and I!

I'm Katie and I am a lifestyle photographer on Long Island. I live here with my husband, son, and sweet fur baby. I love to document EVERYTHING, especially since becoming a mom (if you know, you know). My mom was this way too! She has always been passionate about photography and I swear to you that every single moment of my life has photographic evidence. I guess it makes perfect sense why always have my camera attached to me, and lucky for you, I do my best to capture Every. Single. Moment. Honestly, my favorite photos are the ones of the "in between moments" the unposed, transition, kiss, look, or hug. People are so magical towards the people they love when they think no one is looking and you can quote me on that!

I find it hilarious that my first blog photos aren't even taken by me! I recruited my husband to take some pictures of my son and I and honestly I am SUPER impressed. I may have to hire him (even though he says I can't afford him).

So this is it, my new blog! I cannot wait to share my photography journey with you!

I promise to give you all I have. I will warn you, all I have includes a lot of sarcasm, bad jokes, and pictures of everything I love.

If there are any topics you want covered, please let me know. I post a lot of questions and polls on my instagram so go find me there and we will hang out!

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