My best friend rocks....

My best friend Michelle and I have been friends for more than half our lives. We met in eighth grade at a Bar Mitzvah and you can say the rest is history! We have been through every single one of life's ups and downs with each other and my life would truly not be the same without her!

I feel like I put a gamble on our entire friendship when I asked her and her handsome hubby to get in front of the camera! I was so excited when I convinced them to shoot until I realized all the pressure I felt to give them amazing images. I thought "Oh my God, what did I just get myself into"?! Now listen, I know what I'm doing its just that there is an extra layer of pressure when it's the people you love in front of your camera. Don't worry y'all I think I pulled it off...I mean LOOK at them!! Aren't they gorgeous?!

I have to admit...I was a little extra pushy in convincing them to shoot because Big Al deploys in September. I really wanted them to make some memories and have them captured. After all...thats what pictures are for, aren't they? You can see the love they have for each other oozing out of these pictures and I am so happy that they will have them as a keepsake!

Michelle and Alex have two beautiful children (who are more importantly known as my nice and nephew, obviously). I was really excited to get them out of the house for this unconventional kind of date night. Actually, it was more of a double date since I took my hubby along too! I won't lie to you...there were some margaritas, tacos, and laughs that followed this shoot but hey if the grandparents are babysitting you've got to take advantage!

Anyway.... Ill let Michelle tell you a little bit about the shoot from her perspective:

"What can I even say about this shoot? I was apprehensive at first; after two kids and two c sections, I have had a hard time coming to terms with my new body. I was terrified of having my flaws magnified under a camera lens, and kept putting this shoot off. My husband, however, is deploying in September, and I knew I would never forgive myself if I didn’t capture some moments before he left. Wow, did Katie deliver. Not only is it hard for me to find flaws in these pictures, but they are so filled with genuine love and warmth that I wouldn’t even care if they were there. She made sure we were both comfortable and confident; it was like we were just hanging out on the beach and she was just there to capture our best moments. I cannot thank her enough for her talent, patience, and passion for what she does. My husband and I will cherish these forever (and I’ll be sure he has a few in his boot before he leaves)"