If you know me at all....

Then you knew there HAD to be a Disney movie involved in this project!

Luckily, my pals and fellow Disney fanatics Katie and Jess were more than ready to re-enact the most romantic five minutes of Disney/Pixar history. Okay...maybe three minutes? We're not going to talk about those last two minutes because my heart can't take it. If you know, your know.

Katie and Jess have a daughter who is around my son's age so I was so happy they took a date night to come do this shoot. I think as parents we sometimes forget to do things as a couple so spontaneous things like a photoshoot are a really great time to call in Nana and spend a little time as a couple :)

I'll let these gorgeous ladies tell you how it went...

"We love dressing up and we have very few photos of us together that we love, and we’ve seen so many gorgeous photos Katie has taken. We also thought it would be a fun and safe “date night” for new parents during a pandemic.This was a very original photoshoot. Being involved with theatre, we’ve dressed up and had photos taken before but they are always for advertising- this was different in that we were able to just be ourselves. We had a terrific time. Katie planned for a gorgeous location and brought fun props to help our photoshoot pop. We had fun basically just hanging out together and Katie took photos without making us feel awkward or posey. She had great ideas for getting us to have natural and real moments, while still not “directing” the shoot. She was funny and engaging and made us feel so comfortable"

"It was amazing! Katie is so organized and knows exactly what she's looking for. Because of that, the process is comfortable and organized. The final product is beautiful."