Family is SO important to me...

Which is why I get super excited when I get the opportunity to photograph my family members.

This is my Aunt, Step-Uncle, and cousins. When I tell you that growing up out families did everything together, I mean it. Every vacation, shopping trip, summer pool hang, you name it. So that makes this next piece of news EXTRA sad. They are moving away. I know, I know, I'm sad too but it is really exciting for them. My Aunt and Step- Uncle are moving to Tennessee and my cousin is moving to Chicago for grad school!

Needless to say I was honored to capture their last family photos in our hometown of Massapequa. We kept it local for sentimental reasons and these photos give me ALL the feels. The Massapequa Preserve is beautiful and has so many cool spots to shoot!

If I can ever suggest anything to you, explore your hometown! You would be amazed at all of the beautiful spots you've never seen before. Also, spend time with your family whenever you can <3