How It Works...

Tell me everything!!

I know, I know....all of this sounds pretty intimidating. Getting in front of the camera scantily clad is not something you do every day. And you know what? That's totally okay

because shooting it is what I do everyday. You don't need to know anything. Your job is to show up.

That's it!

Everything else is my job.

And the good news is I am very good at my job.

Let's Break This Down Step by Step...

  1. Fill out the inquiry form so we can be besties!
  2. Sign your contract and pay your session fee.
  3. Receive my OVERLY comprehensive prep guide.
  4. Have the most amazing session EVER!
  5. Come back two weeks later to see how STUNNING you are in all of your images.
  6. Place your final order.
  7. Come pick up your products.
  8. Plan your next session ;)

“And I said to my body softly,
I want to be your friend.
it took a long breath and replied,
I have been waiting my whole
life for this”