About Me

Katie Cassin

Hi! You're here! Thats awesome! I'm Katie and apparently I cannot stop using exclamation marks! I am just so excited, all the time, about everything. Ive always been a super passionate human (some may say too passionate but those people are also the type to say there is "too much" peanut butter on something so I don't really trust them anyway). I'm a dreamer and when my heart found photography it was a no brainer. When I'm not shooting you can find me spending time with my husband, son, and fur baby.

Fun Facts!

  • I am a complete Disney fanatic! When I am not planning my next trip to Disney World, I am taking complete advantage of my Disney + subscription.
  • A good cheeseburger is the way to my heart.
  • My husband and I actually went to the same High School, but didn't meet until college.
  • I OBSESSIVELY collect stationary. Pens, notebooks, stickers, planners, you name it I need it in my life.


Marykate & Eric

1 / 5

"Honestly, the easiest photography sessions I have ever had. It was almost like I didn’t even feel like I was getting my picture taken. My husband hates pictures and every photo was good enough to print. The pictures are incredible. Katie is amazing. 10/10 would recommend."

1 / 5