About Me


Hi! You're here! Thats awesome! I'm Katie and apparently I cannot stop using exclamation marks! I am just so excited, all the time, about everything. Ive always been a super passionate human (some may say too passionate but those people are also the type to say there is "too much" peanut butter on something so I don't really trust them anyway). I'm a dreamer and when my heart found photography it was a no brainer. When I'm not shooting you can find me spending time with my husband, son, and fur baby.

Fun Facts About Me!

  • I am a complete Disney fanatic! When I am not planning my next trip to Disney World, I am taking complete advantage of my Disney + subscription.
  • A good cheeseburger is the way to my heart.
  • My husband and I actually went to the same High School, but didn't meet until college.
  • I OBSESSIVELY collect stationary. Pens, notebooks, stickers, planners, you name it I need it in my life.


Kelsie & Tyler

“Katie was nothing short of amazing, she shot our engagement shoot and every picture came out beautiful. The whole process was amazing she made us feel so comfortable, she was so genuine and down to earth. My fiancé dreads taking pictures and she made it so fun for us. She was so fast and on point with all the pictures and so many fun prompts and cues for us. I can’t recommend her enough!!!”

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