Hi! I'm Katie!

Who am I? I'd like to think I'm a lot of things...wife, mama, lover of show tunes, and hopefully your new bestie with a camera! Like most people, I am not good at describing myself so I decided to ask my friends. Here's what they had to say...

"Warm, comforting, inviting. You feel like you've known each other 20 years from the moment you meet her...coming from someone who has actually known her 20 years"

"Katie is one of the hardest working, badass entrepreneurs I have ever met. She always dreams big and executes even bigger. The sky is the limit for anything she sets her mind to. I admire her work ethic and strive to be as creative as her. 10/10 would recommend as a friend"

"Hilarious, kind, creative, an incredible wife and mother. One hell of a booty shaker. Innovative- she has the best ideas. Hates salad dressing. Cries when you bring her coffee without asking. Gets her dopamine hits off the dollar section of target. Makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Did I say hilarious?"

"Beautiful, fun loving, caring and passionate. Katie has a heart that is so full of love. She is funny..and not afraid to laugh at herself. She is so passionate and cares so much about anyone and everyone."

Let's chat for a sec....

I'm over the idea that everything in life has to be "perfect". What does that even mean?! I'm doing away with the pressure to have an "instagram- worthy" life. Let's celebrate your life and love the way it is right now. Let's preserve the memories of being silly, getting messy, and having fun!

Im here for YOU!

If I can tell you one things about myself- its that I am loyal to a complete fault. I have your back. Whether you're afraid your partner won't smile or your kids will be crazy or what if you have a pimple?!

Girl. I got your back.

Being a mom and a wife- I know the struggle to get everyone to cooperate! My goal is to capture this moment the way it is (with, of course, some beautiful lighting and angles). Im going to meet you where you are and have sthe most fun making memories!

Fun Facts About Me!

  • I am a complete Disney fanatic! When I am not planning my next trip to Disney World, I am taking complete advantage of my Disney + subscription.
  • A good cheeseburger is the way to my heart.
  • My husband and I actually went to the same High School, but didn't meet until college.
  • I OBSESSIVELY collect stationary. Pens, notebooks, stickers, planners, you name it I need it in my life.

Meet my Family!

Kind Words

Kind Words

“A huge thanks to Katie for making our engagement shoot such a fun and memorable day. Katie and I worked together a few years back and I just knew I had to have her shoot my photos ! I love how organic and natural her photos are and her mindset behind the work. She is a beautiful soul and a pleasure to work with. You can’t help but smile when she’s in your presence. I’m so obsessed with my photos THANK YOU!”

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